The cycles of life and death unravel within as well as outwith us. We are all born, grow up, get old and eventually die. Anything that takes form is bound to these changes. However there is no real ending or beginning – there is only the continual process of transformation. Thus this project too is a transformation of materials – from hard and withered plants in Autumn, to dormant and absent plants in Winter, to the rebirth of soft and colourful plants in Spring. The current project is one part of an ongoing series exploring our connection with seasons. We are part of these reciprocal processes and manifest them by our very existence. Through these installations I try to understand our place within the cycles of life by creating spaces for contemplation of this phenomena. After the passing away of a dear person, I tried to make sense of it, as most of us do. I noticed that the cycles of life- the coming to being and passing away- is all around us. Although I didn’t have many things left from my dad after he died, I realised that I now have the whole of the nature that he has become a part of. This series is as much about the very personal experience as it is about the general unfolding of life and our strong bond with the environmental processes.

I paradoxically started this one year long project by contemplating the impermanence and transience of life. Dead autumn plants seem to be the perfect companions for this series of works. They have lived their lives and they tell their stories through their bodies, almost like we humans. Much of my task has been to learn how to read these stories. For example, the gravestone piece bears no name or religious connotation. Instead it reflects an image of the person standing in front of it and can be understood as a gravestone for all that have withered. With this installation I invite the viewer to contemplate and remember – it is a silent space for one to experience a part of what autumn is.


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