I am a Latvian living in Edinburgh. I came to Scotland’s capital three years ago and have decided to base my documentary project on Latvians living here. I photographed them in places close to their homes or places in the city that they usually spend the most of their time. Latvians are a peculiar nation. They tend to camouflage themselves in the streets of Edinburgh and before I started this project, I knew very few of them. They will not come to you if they discover that you speak their language to share some patriotic excitement. You could not possibly spot one because of the colour of their skin, hair or eyes. It takes a while and, perhaps, a lucky coincidence to know one of them. When you do, you will discover how creative, hard working, intelligent and diverse they are. This book assists to get to know them better. I could instantly connect with them and felt that we understood each other. It was nothing to do with the language. I just felt at home. It made me feel proud to be Latvian. I have greatly enjoyed this project and have gained in so many levels, so I say my warmest ‘paldies’ to all of the Latvians who shared their story.